"Love Poem to the Printed Text": Poem by Lisa Bernstein (Lisa B) in "Warning the Stars" Blog

A young, Kentucky-based writer, Stacy Lynn Mar, reprinted in her blog a poem of mine from my first (and so far, only) full-length poetry book, which came out in 1989 (The Transparent Body, Wesleyan University Press, new poets series). The poem is "Love Poem to the Printed Text." 

I was thrilled to stumble upon it (I don't know Ms. Mar), not only because I was glad she enjoyed it and was moved to write about it, but also because of the synchronicity with my recent reimmersion in poetry for the page. I had been thinking in the previous couple of weeks that I needed more of my poems to appear online. And I had just emailed Wesleyan the night before asking them to take a look at a new poetry manuscript. This writer apparently heard me.

Thanks, Stacy Lynn Mar! I'm wishing you the best in your own writing! 

More than 40 poems from my newest manuscript have appeared in wonderful literary magazines and anthologies: American Writing; Atlanta Review; Bastard Review; Brilliant Corners; Caliban; Caliban Online; Field; Ironwood; The Kenyon Review; Lilith; Pivot; Ploughshares; Poet Lore; Poetry International; Socialist Review; Tikkun; War, Literature, & The Arts; ZYZZYVA; Beyond Lament; Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust (Northwestern University Press); Homeless Not Helpless (Canterbury Press); Ladies Start Your Engines; Women Writers on Cars and the Road (Faber and Faber); and Orpheus & Company: Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology (University Press of New England).

But you can't find the poems online, as far as I know.

This blog, though, contains three posts with my poems in them; the first two are from my newest manuscript, and the last is from The Transparent Body:

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