New Video of "Warrior Cat"!

This past year has made us all warriors. So I've been thinking especially about "Warrior Cat." 

(And it didn't hurt that in July I adopted two outgoing, affectionate tortoiseshell kittens after the untimely death of my beloved German Shepherd…

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Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor, copyright Lenny Bernstein I met Cecil as a rather young girl—he was a friend of my parents and a visitor to my home. He asked me, the then-classical-piano-student, to play Beethoven for him, but I…Read more

How I Found the Courage to Sing

I was a pretty bad singer for a long time after I found the guts to start officially singing.
How did I stand it? 
How did I tolerate the torment of trying to sound good, of knowing I had failed,… Read more

Your Fears Are Not You

As I'm starting to prepare to release my new recording project ("I Get A Kick: Cole Porter Reimagined" from the Jazzed Media label in January 2018 -- lots more on that to come!), of course a few doubts and…Read more

Who’s setting the tone of your holiday season?

So, who’s setting the tone of your holiday season? And how’s that working out for you?

It’s a cliché that we in the developed world are bombarded with messages saying that our winter celebrations should involve consumption and commodities.… Read more