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Musician Credits

(above, Jeff Marrs with Lisa at Pajama Studios, photo by Tina Abbaszadeh)

Reverberant: Poems & Music (Oct. 2019): James Gardiner (multiple), Ben Flint and Scott R. Looney (p), Marcus Shelby (b), and Jeff Marrs (d) 

I Get A Kick: Cole Porter Reimagined (2018): James Gardiner (multiple), Ben Flint and Frank Martin (p), Michael Zilber (sax), Fred Randolph and Troy Lampkins (b), Jeff Marrs, Alan Hall, and Paul van Wageningen (d), John Santos (perc) 

Christmas Time Is Here (and Chanukah and the Solstice) (2011): James Gardiner (multiple), Adam Shulman (p), John Wiitala (b), Alan Hall (d), Andre Bush (g), Anna Lissa Patterson (bg vox) 

The Poetry of Groove (2009): James Gardiner (multiple), Bob Mokarsky and Frank Martin (p), Dave Yamasaki (g), Rock Hendricks (sax), Troy Lampkins (b), Paul van Wageningen (d), Michael Spiro and John Santos (perc), Ashling Cole, Daria, Nikita Germaine, Sandy Griffith, Alice Peacock  (bg vox), James Richard (drum and bass) 

What's New, Pussycat? (2006): Frank Martin and Ben Flint (p), Danny Caron (g), Chris Amberger, Troy Lampkins, and John Shifflett (b), Paul van Wageningen and Alan Hall (d), John Santos (perc) 

Center of the Rhyme (2003): James Gardiner (multiple), Frank Martin (p), Mimi Fox and Dave Yamasaki (g), Tod DIckow (sax), Bill Douglass and Chris Amberger (b), Michael Spiro and Vince Delgado (perc), Daria (bg vox) 

Free Me for the Joy (1999): James Gardiner (multiple), Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) (p). Dave Yamasaki (g), Rock Hendricks (sax),  Curtis Ohlson and Frank Thibeaux (b), Marcus Biddle and John Santos (perc), Sandy Cressman, Nikita Germaine, Sandy Griffith, Alice Peacock, and Lisa B (bg vox),  James Richard (drum and bass) 

All records: Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein), sung and spoken verse, James (Jim Gardiner), engineering and coproduction or production, at Pajama Studios, Oakland, Calif.

Deepest gratitude

Crowdunding supporters for "I Get A Kick: Cole Porter Reimagined" (2018)

When Lisa got a distribution deal with the esteemed Jazzed Media label, home of many Grammy nominees, for "I Get A Kick: Cole Porter Reimagined," these folks generously rallied to provide promotion support:


A Fan

Aaron Arnold

Anna Holden

Anne M. Murphy

Anonymous (11)


Becky Wenger

Brent Sunderland

Carmela Rappazzo

Carmen Figueras

Catherine Debon

Cathy Puccinelli


Daria! Vocalist

David Barker

Deborah DeHoff

Debra J Davies

Dick Cluster


Eric C Nee

Evelyn Bernstein

Gina Atton Thomas

Happy Supporter

Heather Gardner

Helayne Waldman

Jean Ross

Jenifer Bacon

Jeremy D Crowe

Jerzy Chodak

John G Doran

John Koudela III

Jonathan Schwartz

Katherine Silver

Kathlene Casey

Kristen Caven

Lenore Weiss


Maggie Stogner

Mark Eley

Mark Pritchard

Matthew Hughes

Mike Hamm


Nick Mastick

Norma Blase Perelstein

Peter Dean & Olga Pappas

Philippa Wright


Rich Yurman


Sokol Zace

Steve Sajadi

Sue Ann Van Epps

Tim Gnazale


Vicki Burns