Press: "God in Her Ruffled Dress"

Savoring George Herbert's "The Flower"

Spirituality/sensuality in this brilliant poem and its inspiration for Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein)

The Talking Poem Podcast run by Charlie Green was Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein's) first podcast appearance, and a juicy one! 

A professor of English literature and creative writing at Cornell University, Charlie lends his fierce enthusiasm for pop and music culture and a sensibility both erudite and goofy to his joy at discussing the favorite poems of various poets. 

Lisa was the lucky such guest on March 17, 2024, digging in to one of the most delightful, emotional, and memorable poems she has encountered, "The Flower" by 17th century metaphysical poet George Herbert. 

Spirituality and sensuality, or one might say religion and sex, and the wrenching, impassioned relationship of the poet with God are expressed in vivid and often colloquial language about nature in this Flower. 

She also discussed Herbert's influence on her poetry and read the first poem in her new book God in Her Ruffled Dress, "God No. 2," charting Herbert's inspirational impact throughout it. 

Charlie topped off the chat with a little test: Guess the Exact Lyrics, often spoken, in songs by selected, white rock/rap musicians. It was quite a shift, but fun.

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Charlie features a distinguished array of contemporary poets (David Baker, Kevin Young, Jorie Graham, Franny Choi, Patricia Spears Jones, Lorenzo Thomas, William Matthews, Natalie Diaz, Russell Edson, Louise Gluck, Carl Phillips, Kim Addonizio, A.R. Ammons, Ocean Vuong) and those coming before (Robert Hayden, Emily Dickinson, Thomas Hardy, Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Walter Raleigh, Edna St. Vincent Millay), to name just some of the poets you'll find on The Talking Poem Podcast.

"God in Her Ruffled Dress" is a playful, soulful, feminist imagining of how we experience the sacred

Highly recommended!

Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein)'s new book arrived at all online retail sites in December 2023, just in time for this end-of-year accolade from Philly's Broad Street Review.

Press: "The Transparent Body" & "Anorexia"

THE TRANSPARENT BODY (Wesleyan University Press) 

Frances Mayes, San Jose Mercury: 

“Whatever she knows or sings comes, in Whitman’s term, from the body electric.” 

Daniel Halpern: 

“There’s hardly a missed opportunity to approach the objects of her world with open hands, to employ details of sensuality to invoke what surrounds her…here’s a book that wants to touch you.” 


“It is her gift that she manages, through the extreme clarity of her images, always to engage us… A good selection for women’s literature collections.”


ANOREXIA (Five Fingers Poetry) 

Frances Jaffer: 

“Brilliantly imagined, painful, intense, often strangely beautiful." 

Stan Rice: 

“Its themes of domination, withdrawal… and the various forms of craving that constitute life make this… each person’s story. One day is fine; the next we find ourselves in a state without longing.” 

Kevin Killian , Poetry Flash: 

“Anorexia is the most hypersexual book you’ll read for many years to come… a witty, charged experiment both in evading and incorporating current strictures on language… But I shouldn’t lose sight of the narrative here… its most fascinating component… Bernstein’s heroine finally breaks the shackles of the taboos that surround her to reinvent herself in a new form.”